May 10, 2018

Urgent Plea for Prayer

Ever find yourself distracted? You start your day with a plan and within the first hour things are offtrack. Cooking, getting your children off to school, fighting a sickness, juggling several projects, reading your Facebook newsfeed, checking Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, washing and folding laundry, watching television, and whatever else finds its way into your space.

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When we make a decision to pray, fast, and/or intercede on behalf of another, we will get distracted. I have one question. What are you going to do to stay focused?

Satan would want nothing more than to stop us from praying fervently. People are being healed through our time of prayer. Truth is coming forth. Relationships are mending. People are confessing Christ. We cannot stop praying during times when we have been prompted to pray, and even more so when we sense an urgency to pray.

There have been times during my prayer journey when I have had to stop in my tracks and pray. There is a sense of pressure upon my chest to pray. I have noticed times when my heart will begin to race as I experience an urgency to intercede. There have even been times when I find myself experiencing shortness of breath, sort of like a quickening to stop and pray.  No, I do not always know whom or what I am praying for. All I know is that I have to pray.

It never fails. The moment I have this sort of experience, satan appears with distractions, and sometimes attacks. When we find ourselves in this state we must … STAY THE COURSE. KEEP PRAYING. HAVE SOMEONE COVER YOU IN PRAYER AS YOU ARE PRAYING.

It’s urgent, and it’s serious! Keep praying. Someone’s life depends upon your fervent prayers.

FYI: The feature image was used on purpose.

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