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It’s the season to identify your big 3. I’m talking about advocacy, philanthropic, and volunteer commitment. Who will be your big 3 in 2020 and why? I have decided that my big 3 are:

1) Harmony Project Columbus because I have followed them for three years and they are definitely doing what they say under the leadership of David Brown. They are making a significant impact within Central Ohio.

Tweetable: Imagine singing in a choir with at least 500 voices. I wonder if I can hide in the background and sing. Oh, I can, as I sit in the crowd of 10,000 and become a part of a community that makes a difference! They are @harmonycolumbus. #iAmSinging @Gaildudley

2) The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio because I believe in empowering women and girls, I have a lot to offer this organization. Therefore, I decided to step up. In October 2019, I signed up to be one of their grant readers. Over 75 women and girls came together and read proposals from many Central Ohio nonprofit organizations that applied for funding that serve women and girls. We rated each program using a solid grading process. We discussed in detailed why we thought the program proposal was solid or if we felt they did not meet the grant requirements. I was a voice at the table with nine others making decisions for funding for programs we believe are needed in today‘s society. Not only did I meet women and high school girls throughout the community, but I also made friendships and now serve on several committees in the area. There are significant programs in Central Ohio. Many, I had no idea existed. Do you know what programs are in your area? Google women and girls organizations and find ways to participate within your city, state, and local community.

Tweetable: Imagine having a resource in your community that speaks to and empowers women and girls everyday. Oh, I do, they are @WomensFundCo and they rock! @GailDudley

3) FEED Projects because I want children/students to be able to have something to eat. It is simply to get involved. Considering purchasing totals as Christmas, birthday, anniversary gifts to help feed children. One tote bag will feed ten children.

Tweetable: Imagine feeding children and students at school when purchasing something you can carry to the gym, grocery store, keep snacks in your car, books, and so much more. Oh, there’s a way. It’s called @Feedprojects. @GailDudley

Please share. Who will be your big 3 in 2020? Tip: You can give $5.00 or volunteer 5 hours or share 5 advocacy articles per month. DoSomething

Over the last five or so years, I make it a point to identify three organizations to give to. I do my research. I pop up and see what they are doing if they are local organizations. I’ve been in other countries and find I love their cause and will make a donation. One such as Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund I visited while in Israel really touched my heart. These are children who have been traumatized by terrorist. Their mission is to help heal the trauma of terrorism in the lives of innocent children who have lost loved ones or witnessed the horror of terrorism first-hand.

I may not have a lot, but every penny counts and giving time is also beneficial to a nonprofit organization.

AND OF COURSE, I give tithes and offering to the local church on top of giving to my big 3.

What about you? Who are your big 3? What Scriptures do you use to back up giving to these organizations?

Tell us your big 3. We will put together a digital PDF download to share with everyone who receives @ The Table With Gail and will place a link on my blog. 

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