For the last three years, the Ready Publication team kicks off their winter issue on MLK Day with Ready Action Circles. Each year I take on the task to host one in our home base area which is Columbus, Ohio. This year we focused on women thriving. As we began our conversation, Zelda, one of the small group attendees put the following on the table. “Identify what it means to thrive in your life.”

The silenced came upon everyone at the table. After a few moments, she continued by saying, “You need to examine whether you are thriving or not.” We started to wrestle with the word thriving, which means to prosper and flourish. Is it possible to succeed each day of our lives? Are we always thriving? If we are doing the same things over and over again does that mean we are not thriving?

Is it time to step out of the proverbial box and do something new? Will this indicate that we are thriving?

We went back and forth with the thought of what thriving means when we looked at the life we are living. For some reason, this line of questioning and wrestling had us to some degree perplexed.


The conversation continued followed by more silence as we would reflect on statements that were shared among women who committed to join the circle on a very snowy winter morning remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Today’s post is purposely designed to bombard you with several questions for you to work through and examine whether you’re thriving or not. Maybe it’s your season to prepare for your next mountaintop experience. Can we say ‘to prepare’ is also thriving.

Could it be that it may not be your season to thrive? Maybe it’s the season to support someone else.” ~ more words from Zelda Jefferson

To prosper means to succeed in material terms; be financially successful. Grow strong and healthy. Make successful. (Google Dictionary)

To flourish means to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment. A bold or extravagant gesture or action, made especially to attract the attention of others. (Google Dictionary)

Do your research on these words. Thrive. Prosper. Flourish and ask yourself where you are on the continuum.

These series of questions launched after reading the amazing articles in the most recent issue of Ready Publication. Ready is a quarterly print publication that is edgy, different, and content-rich creating a platform for women and girls to share their voices. We encourage the readership to Stay Informed. Stay Fierce. Stay READY.

Ready is more than a magazine. We are a movement.

Grab a copy today. The articles never expire. Therefore, we encourage you to continue the conversation. Ready Winter 2018 (two issues in one)

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