Healing is important and we should do whatever it takes to take time for ourselves to recover from life’s stresses, but sometimes the unexpected happens.

After an amazing weekend of walking, events, making business contacts while talking about READY magazine, and seeing sights in and around Manhattan and Brooklyn, a massive storm delayed my flight back to Columbus, Ohio out of LaGuardia. I made it home just after 10 pm, in time to unpack and repack for my trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan the next morning. At 3 am my alarm woke me up. I grabbed my bags and headed to the airport to catch my 6 am flight. I had hoped to get some sleep on the plane and maybe rest between the flights, but the flight was delayed due to weather and maintenance issues and so I had to find my way quickly to my connecting flight. And, of course, once I arrived, I had no time to rest because I was “on!” Operating with less than two hours of sleep, I had to stay awake for the conference until after 9 pm. My body was crying for attention, but I had no time to care for it as I kept on telling myself, “I must keep pushing!”

That’s a contradiction if you ever saw one!

I have been on this mission for health, healing, and wholeness for at least five years. How in the world could I tell myself that I did not have time to slow down and rest?

My husband had booked the same hotel for us at Grand Rapids where the conference was held, The Amway Grand Plaza, a beautiful hotel that houses a Spa & Salon on the second floor. It just so happened that I passed by the spa on the way to a class one morning. My body was telling me, “Hey…remember me?” But the schedule was telling me that I didn’t have time for a break. Finally, my head and my body came into sync. Classes could wait! I needed to take care of myself. My mind was already strained with information overload. I couldn’t keep on consuming ninety minute sessions without doing something about my body. I needed a moment of rest.

Later that afternoon after several amazing academic workshops I walked into the spa and asked for an appointment. All they had were twenty-five minutes. Was it worth it? Would the time give me what I needed? The only way to find out would be for me to accept the available appointment.

Twenty-five minutes of neck, shoulder, and back massage.

I arrived at the appointed time and to my surprise I was escorted to a very relaxing and tranquil area. I entered a women’s locker room with a shower and changing area, and was handed a robe. I could hear the waterfall in the background. From the locker room I entered an area with lowered lighting, candles, and the smell of lavender. A hush came over my mind, body, and spirit. Megan extended her hand as she introduced herself as the person who would be performing my massage. Believe me when I tell you the touch of her hands upon my back were a glimpse of heaven. With every touch I felt my entire body relax. She knew what I needed just by assessing my body with her first touch. Everything came into alignment the moment she began with pressure points. I started thinking I needed more than twenty-five minutes, but quickly I learned it was just enough time to receive healing to my body. I have a habit of praying as I am receiving a massage, and prayed, “Lord, allow me to rest in Your presence.” The peace of God fell upon me. Before I knew it I was snoring.

Yes! In just twenty-five minutes!

I give The Amway Grand Plaza Salon and Spa a standing ovation and five stars! It isn’t often you can find a hotel spa that is relaxing and quiet. There was indeed peace and tranquility at this spa. It all began with excellent customer service at the front desk by a young lady name Darbi. Our conversation alone began my time of calming. The service was excellent.

If you are ever in Grand Rapids I would highly recommend The Amway Grand Place Salon and Spa. All it takes is twenty-five minutes to turn your rushed life into a life filled with the calm of an oasis.

Check them out by visiting: http://amwaygrand.com/spa-salon. And by the way, as shared on their website, “You don’t have to be a hotel guest to be our guest at The Spa and Salon at the Amway Grand Plaza. Plan an exclusive treatment, a spa day for you and your friends or a much-deserved day to yourself. Give it as a perfect gift. No matter the occasion, The Spa is the perfect place to relax, relieve stress and rejuvenate both body and spirit.”

What do you do to find peace and tranquility when you are feeling overwhelmed? Please join the conversation and share your tips and experiences in the comment section.




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