May 22, 2018

Urgent Plea for Prayer

As I continue the missionary prayer journey in Israel, I look at this image I took in Golan which is the Nimrod, Mt. Bengal area. Golan is described as “something surrounded” and can be referred as a city of refuge. This area is referred as the territory of Manasseh in the conquered territory of Bashan. The Israelites conquered Golan, taking it from the Amorites. The tribal land is the Tribe of Manasseh and Dan.

I share this information to prepare all of us to say, “Yes!” As I prayed along this path I could hear rushing water. When I came upon this amazing image I immediately said, “Rushing waters!” We are on day 22 of our commitment for prayer. I encourage you to say, “yes” to all God is calling you to. Rivers of living water is about to come upon you. Get ready to receive it. All. Of. It.

As individuals who have this urgency to pray, it is time to get into the posture of ‘yes’ and fully surrender our will to the Lord’s will. What does that look like? It’s no longer fighting His will.

God wants us to partner with Him. He’s calling us to partner with Him. Will you join me and others in saying “Yes” to Jesus?

Write a “Yes” commitment to Jesus.

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