Happy New Year

I. Am. Grateful.

Computer on my lap.

Jazz playing throughout the home.

Husband relaxed.

Both adult children are well, even as one of the two made it through COVID-19.

I checked in with my parents, aged 84 and 85, and found they are celebrating a brand-new year with laughter and vision for what’s to come. If you allow me to pause here momentarily, tears fill my eyes, knowing that I still have my parents. #Grateful

Siblings are all well. They include my brother, who just over a year ago had brain surgery. I need to pause once more with tears rolling down my face. He made it through! #Grateful

As I check my text messages, I notice all of my sister-girlfriends are accounted for and doing great.

Never before had I felt to do a roll-call at the dawn of a new year.

After a year like 2020, and the loss I experienced, I realize that I must count every moment and be grateful. What will this year bring? I am not sure, but for this moment, I am grateful.

I’ve decided to rest here and with each second forthcoming.

Nothing deep. I simply want to say, “I am grateful.”

Joyful New Year to you!

~ Gail

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