I breathe. 


I can hear my heartbeat. I can see the leaves blowing on the tree that is sitting right outside my window. I am able to focus on the birds chirping. Yes, even though it is winter, but I live in Ohio. Never know what type of weather we will receive. I slowed down my pace and can enjoy the moment. My breaths are long and deep where I can sense my nostrils enlarge, and my abdomen fill with air and gently release. There is an indescribable peace that is somewhat beyond my comprehension. 


I listen. 


I listen to what is being said across the airwaves and hear the unrest. I silence that noise and listen to the still small voice of Jesus. Which way do I go? How do I get there? Yet, there’s silence telling me to sit in the beautify of his holiness. I can do that.


I talk.


Sometimes fast. Sometimes slow. I am not the quiet one waiting on permission to speak. I speak what I know. I ask what I want to know. And when it doesn’t make sense, I keep asking. I always wanted to be an attorney. What stopped me? I am a horrible test, taker. Put a test in front of me, and I will absolutely fail. But that does not stop me from debating the mess out of anyone. Unless you answer questions to my satisfaction, guess what? I will keep asking. I do that to God a lot. I’m sure He says, “Gail, this is my daughter, whom I am well pleased. She doesn’t take no for an answer.” Yes, He answers all of my prayers. I may not like some of what He gives me initially, but when I look back over my life, I realize He was protecting me. 


I rest. 


I am on my own time clock. I move to my own beat and craft my own schedule. Living a balanced life creates space for me to be me. Wow, that sounds good, yet, I’m still growing in this area. I have not accomplished this area. I am still working towards being kind to me. What about you?



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I live. 


I tap into joy, and I strive to live my best life each day. I live dancing each day sometimes on a beat, and at other times as I must confess that I think I’m jamming, but my children will be the first to say, “Mom, stop.”


Oh, and I dream big. I wake each morning determined to conqueror more than the day before.


I reach towards the prize, knowing that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Yes, I am a believer, and I have a smile just thinking about chasing after the heart of God knowing that He stands still long enough for me to catch up with Him.


I love.




The older I become, the most protective I am of my heart. I have been hurt. I have been lied on. I have been the gossip at many tables.


And I still love. And I am aware. Call it a strong spirit of discernment. God prepares me, which is how I can continue to love.


I have a tight family. Four siblings. Both parents. We may look at one another sideways at times, but we will always roll together.


Anyone who knows me will tell you that after twenty-eight years of marriage, I still smile when my phone rings and it is my husband. I love me some, Kevin. Yes, I do, and I won’t apologize for doing so. 


My children? OMG! Love them. We talk often. Truth? Every. Day! 


Friends. I have some sisterfriends that are ride and die. Real love.


People. I love them. Even when they choose to hurt me. Yes, hurting someone is a choice. 


I love you.


I travel.


There’s something about learning a new culture that makes me want to be there in the midst of an abundant life of sitting at the table with people who are different than me. I want to grow and understand God’s beauty and the uniqueness of each person He allows me to glean from around the world. 


Mission trips. They draw me to hear and witness life outside of my cultural group and background. I enter each journey with great anticipation for expanding my horizons. I treat each person and place with holistic learning and not one that is project or program-driven. There, I find a richness of life and the manifestation of God’s glory.


I fast. 


It’s that season of fasting for most people. I began one way, and now that I am in week two, I have altered what I started. It just didn’t feel right. I finally decided to ask God, “What shall I do? and He replied, “Whatever you do, do not be legalistic with it.” That broke the bondage. I must admit. I was trying to do things that other people were doing. For what? I do not know. I raised my children by daily saying to them, “Be a leader. Not a follower.” I broke my own rules. God quickly called me out and reminded me that I am a child of the Most High God. I’ve returned to my beat. Now He is smiling. 


I pray. 



On. My. Face.

Walking through my home.

Driving in the car.

Listening to conversations.

Paying bills.

While fighting migraines.

As I…








And I pray.


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NOTE: Blog Image – by Kathleen Port, Pixabay.com

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