It’s not often that I wake with prayers rolling off the tip of my tongue. Name after name and married couples after married couples were lifted to Jesus. Still dark in my room, I stumbled to the bathroom to begin my day. The shower temperature took forever to warm, and while I waited, God started to flash images of marriages before me. God was speaking.

I questioned Jesus. My first ask was, “God, me?” It was one of those audible moments when God responded, “Yes, you.” Yet, I asked again and this time more specifically. I uttered these words, “God, are you asking me to lead a season of praying for marriages?” He responded again, “Yes, you.” Hmmm, was my reply that signaled doubt. So, I asked for the third time. “God, this is Gail. Let me rephrase my question for clarification. Are you asking me to lead women to pray for their husbands and their marriages, while being transparent about my own?” God responded, “Gail, yes, you.”

So it began. With hesitation, I said yes. By the time I walked out of the bathroom, my cellphone had shown a missed call. It was a friend of mine. Instead of listening to the voicemail, I dialed her number. On the other end was a friend who was sobbing. Between weeping, I could hear her trying to tell me a story of an incident between her and her husband. We talked, we prayed, and we ended the call. Within seconds a text message came through that said, “Gail, it’s early, but I need you to pray for my husband and me. It’s urgent.” No sooner than I responded to her text message, another one appeared on my iPhone screen with yet another urgent message to pray for their marriage.

God wants willing vessels to serve. I said yes, and he confirmed immediately that for such a time as this, he had called me to this mission.

The focus is marriage prayers. The angle is wives praying for their marriages, specifically their husbands who appear to be under attack. God has shown me that if the enemy can attack the husbands, it could set off a firestorm within homes around the world. Thank God! We are victorious, and we are ready to pray.

Let’s begin. Subscribe to my YouTube for alerts every-time I upload a marriage prayer video. Here are four videos since January 17, 2020. Know someone who could use these prayers and short devotions on marriage? Please share this post and YouTube with them.

1st Video – Friday Fire: Praying for Marriages (There’s an Urgency) 

2nd Video – Lift The Weight from Husbands Shoulders

3rd Video – Marriage Prayer: Stay the Course

4th Video – Marriage Prayer: Get a Life. Get some Friends.

As God leads, I will continue to upload videos.

I pray you are blessed by them. Have a prayer request? Send to [email protected]


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