It’s been a while since I have reached out to you via email. Honestly, I have been pressing into a season of self-evaluation over the past year, a year that has been so difficult for so many. Embracing this “new normal” has its ups and downs.

The coronavirus has taken some dear friends and family members. I am one who practices social distancing, washing my hands, and wearing a mask. With her permission, I share with you that my daughter had her own battle with COVID19. Those were some very long days for daughter and mother, but I am grateful that she is up and doing very well.

This year has revealed itself as a year of crisis, with the worldwide pandemic coupled with an election process that still has not been resolved. Very personally I have been challenged to face my greater purpose in a way that I can no longer run from or escape. For as far back as I can remember, I have had a love for political engagement. Many of you know that I have dreamed of being a litigating attorney since I was a teenager. This year I have wrestled with why I never took the risk. Transparently, I confess that I am not a test taker and always feared that I would have never been able to pass the bar. I sometimes sit and wonder if it’s too late.

Here’s what I know. I am committed to being an advocate for those on the margins, who face disparities, who remain food insecure and lack financial resources, and those who face the “isms” of social injustice. I research political candidates regardless of party and I vote accordingly. I work to uncover past voting records of candidates while they are in current service. I read bills, such as the current relief bill and critique all the “pork” inside. Today I grieve for those who are facing evictions on next Thursday if a deal isn’t reached. I become angered by the self-serving action and damaging inaction of every lawmaker who are content to board their private planes and fly home to places of ample food, heat, comfort, served by butlers, maids, cooks, and nannies. Certainly, there is nothing inherently wrong with having wealth. The condemnation comes wherever having the power of the purse never truly translates into consideration of ‘love of neighbor as self.’ This perplexes and disturbs me especially among those who identify as Christian.

As I type this message on this eve of Christmas, I sit with tears streaming down my eyes as yet another unarmed Black man has been shot and killed by police. This is the second Black man in Columbus, Ohio in less than a month. Casey Goodson, carrying a Subway sandwich going into his home with keys still in the door, was fatally shot three times in the back. Three days before Christmas, 47-year-old Andre Maurice Hill was visiting a friend and was mercilessly gunned down while holding a cellphone in his hand. NBC News reported that Mr. Hill lay on the ground for several minutes without anyone rendering aid or medical assistance — a violation of police policy and procedure — body camera footage of the deadly encounter released confirms it. We are exhausted as Black people.

Black Lives Matter

So, I am sending this Christmas message asking of you three things. First, pray for me (and let’s continue praying for one another). I have many emotions. I know Jesus sees, hears, and feels us. He knows our passion and pain. Through it all, God has positioned all of us in this season to stand strong in our purpose. Second, do something. Over 30 million people are facing eviction next Thursday. Write to your representatives and ask them to fulfill the charge of their offices to labor for the public good. Ask God to show you a family in need, not to be your project, but to provide for you an opportunity to love someone without them even knowing that it’s you doing it. Finally, look back over this year and commit to do what God has called you to do as you move into 2021.

I’m now in my purpose. In June I launched News in Motion, a Monday–Friday live broadcast at 7:25 am on my Facebook page and uploaded to my YouTube channel by 9:00 am EST. It’s news and politics. It’s relevant commentary without the propaganda that includes a call to action. We have created an authentic community and family each morning. In November for Thanksgiving we raised over $3,000 to help those who are food insecure. We have also partnered with Aldi. Currently we have each individually identified a family to love, pray for, and lavishly bless throughout December. []

Allow me to put this on the table. My politics may not look like yours. I am a moderate. In some areas, I go left. In other areas I go right. However, in all things, I go with Jesus.

I now have a podcast that launched on, December 18, 2020 called Something and Mimosas. You can find it every Friday at 11:00 am.

You can also find me each Sunday morning at 7:00 am eastern sharing a devotional on my YouTube channel.

I am excited to share that my new website is now live. Molly Huggins is the designer. She took her time getting to know me, reading my articles, past posts, and books. We talked on the telephone. We laughed and even cried. What was birthed after our time together over several months, all while she was pregnant and later giving birth to a beautiful baby boy Charles, speaks to who I hope to share with you in the coming year. Meet

One last thing. I am grateful to each of you who have allowed me to share with you on this platform. 2021 will be different for me and I’m so looking forward to it.

I’m having the time of my life!


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