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Would you agree that many of God’s children do not live balanced lives? Think about it. For many of us, we allow the demands of this world to dictate our next move. Our lives are filled with checking the likes and comments on our Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tik Tok, feed, and stories. Most times before we even begin our day. Our schedules are filled with nonstop meetings, networking events, ministry activities, school sports, recitals, lessons, gatherings, church, fellowship dinners, conference calls…you get the point. We are faced with sickness and other illnesses due to lack of sleep, and rapidly gaining weight or losing it at an unhealthy speed. We wonder why we are restless, frustrated, and at times angry. For some of us, we are pushed to climb a ladder to success or find ourselves working 24/7 as entrepreneurs trying to scale our businesses while slowly losing a grip on life. Is all of this necessary? Is it possible that we have received a lie from satan that has kept us in bondage and out of balanced?

When you wake in the mornings, are you tired? Is your mind ten steps ahead? Are you finding that you forget things? When you think about your schedule and to-do list, do you become exhausted?


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Transparent Moment: 

As an entrepreneur and a business owner for over twenty years, I use to work from home. Because I was building a business, I found myself working around the clock. Years ago, I experienced a TIA. That’s a mini-stroke. After a series of questions, the attending doctor leaned over with a stern look and said, “As women, we must do better. We must take better care of ourselves.” She was holding onto my hand with a pretty tight squeeze. Eye to eye, she [keep reading by clickingBalancing Your Life Gods Way]

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Balancing Your Life Gods Way

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