After several years publishing the works of amazing authors, I decided this year to tell the world what I am doing alongside my daughter, because the return for each author has been outstanding.

Our authors who secure us for ongoing promotions have sold out of their book signings at major bookstores. Book launches of authors who followed our formula have been standing room only and successful, and ongoing sales have been outstanding!

Yet…we have heard about new authors and those who have secured large publishing partners not have a great return on their investment. We have learned that…

Authors have questions.

Authors are eager to learn the financial obligation.

Authors are trying to figure out the process.

Authors are ending up stuck with boxes of books in the garage or in their basement.

Authors are completing their manuscript without a plan of action.

Authors are being turned away from traditional publishing houses every day.

Authors are trying to understand publishing language.

Authors are…you fill in the blank.

This white paper will not answer every question, nor is it an exhaustive list; however, we at least wanted to share the truth to some of the questions from new authors.

Truth: A boutique publishing company may take a little longer, but…

There are many outstanding boutique publishing companies available to take your manuscript to international platforms. However, they (including me) may take a little longer with your book project. Why? We only work with the best back-office experts. For example, most boutique publishing companies will only work with a small team. We go for the best editors, designers, and cover artists who are all in demand. We do not take shortcuts, use mass-production systems, nor do we ever rush a book product. We are coaching you through the process, checking production schedules, title releases, and paying attention to current trends while focusing on the pulse of the community. We can monitor trends in book sales and so much more. The truth is that with a boutique company, you will get personalized expert service and attention.

Truth: It takes more than one set of eyes.

Everyone should have someone experienced to read over their manuscript, especially a person who has the background and the eye to do so. So often people write their story without considering their audience or have a true understanding of how wide their audience can become. Every person has a story, but do we need to give all of the details? If you do not draw your audience immediately, you will lose them. A manuscript analysis can read your manuscript and help you map out your book’s flow, identify the weaknesses and strengths, identify the themes, structures, and overall style and relevancy.

Truth: It takes more than $100 to successfully publish.

If you desire to publish a book that will get into the hands of others, there is an investment that you must make, such as: 1) Hiring a professional editor, 2) Hiring a professional designer for your book cover, 3) Investing in promotion and marketing, 4) Purchasing an ISBN, 5) Purchasing a reasonable number of books, 6) Investing in a venue for your book launch and reading, 7) Determining your hourly worth and multiplying the hours you spend, to name a few. These fees add up quickly. An estimated cost could begin at $1,800 and reach beyond $2,900.

 Truth: It takes more than 30 days to successfully publish and launch a book.

As you work with a team that includes a professional editor, designer, manuscript analysis, marketing, and the distribution company, there are production schedules. Depending upon the season, it could take up to 24 months.

Truth: A book less than 100 pages can most definitely be a book of excellence.

Some of the smallest books are filled with great content and are changing lives every day.

Truth: All hands on deck.

Every author must help with marketing and promoting their book. Writing the manuscript and publishing the book are only the beginning. Having all hands on deck to market your work is another. It takes the publishing team, the author, book reviewers, having the launch event, including and organizing a launch team to help with positioning your book to sell copies regularly.

Truth: Know the numbers.

Amazon has over 5 million eBook titles on Kindle and over 3.8 million print titles. Barnes and Noble sells 190 million physical books per year, and more than 1 million unique physical book titles every year. Hundreds of millions of books are published each year. Most never sell more than 100 copies. (http://www.barnesandnobleinc.com/about-bn/quick-facts/)

Truth: Your book cover helps sells your book.

Too often new authors have a design for their cover in mind. It is important to trust the entire process and your publisher for having the right design (not always perfect design) for your book that will draw people to pick it up off the shelves. Titles will and can draw, but the cover solidifies the purchase.

Truth: Not every book should be published.

Some stories are written for healing purposes only. Although you may want to publish your story, it may be for your eyes only. Now that you have written one manuscript, maybe it’s time to write something different for the world to read.

Now accepting new authors as coaching clients. Need direction with your outline? Stuck on your manuscript? Ready to publish? Do you have what it takes?

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