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Yes, beyond my gift of intercessory prayer, God has blessed me with the skills of coaching entrepreneurs and small business owners. I have more than twenty-five years of experience.

I was told the other day that I was the best-kept secret. The person said, and I will quote, “Gail, why don’t you tell people what you do? You are a walking book of gifts that others need for such a time as this. You are like a secret that I’m going to expose since you have helped me with my small business that has given me a return on my investment.” (Lisa Mayson, Missouri). I am guilty as charged. I can attribute this to the fact that I have never been one to stand on a stage and yell out, “Hire me!” Why? I have tried to live my life based upon God’s Word. I’m reminded of, “A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.” [Proverbs 18:16] I believe my gift will make room for me, and at a certain time, others will see it and ask for my coaching and consulting. 

Here’s the truth. I stay before God and pray about everything. I’m not only praying and interceding for others; I am regularly praying and seeking God for Him to order my steps. I pray that people will get to a place in their walk with God to pray about everything, including their business, career, speaking, or writing, while they are praying for their finances, relationships, children, and everyday life situations. 

I have been an author for over twenty years. I have been coaching self-publishing authors for the last fifteen years. I am known for giving resources to others and have been developing a new venture to serve more people without having to necessarily engage in weekly one-hour coaching sessions, which can become expensive. I’ve always been known as someone who wants to make things affordable to others and come alongside individuals of all income brackets and walks of life, including those who are considered marginalized and may not be able to invest large amounts of money monthly. And yes, still appealing to those who are blessed to make six-figures or more. I wanted to design something for everyone. So, I developed a partnership called “This And Or That,” and it consists of three tiers.  

Tier One: “This” which consists of monthly resource information shared on the partnership website. This information includes business startup tips, entrepreneurship, small business, self-publishing tips, grassroots organizations, nonprofit leadership, volunteerism resources, how to’s, and so much more. This monthly partnership: $25.00

Tier Two: “This And” which consists of everything in tier one plus downloads like what you will receive in this eNews and instructional webinars, discounts on one-on-one coaching.  This monthly partnership: $50.00 

Tier Three: “This And Or That” which consists of everything in tiers one and two plus a 30-minute (live) group coaching with Gail each month.  This monthly partnership: $100.00

To give you a taste of what I am speaking of, you will find two items below. The first one is a twenty-one-page pdf on self (vs) traditional publishing, and the second one is an interview video currently public on my YouTube about self-publishing. 

To join “This And Or That” partnership, click here. 

Download the PDF: PublishingPresentation

YouTube: https://youtu.be/lJb0IBJsBsw

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