It has arrived. We are well into Black Friday, although we are in the middle of a pandemic. We have entered the sales weekend of the year.

Black Friday.
Small Business Saturday.
Cyber Monday.

I’m a businesswoman. Why don’t I feel like participating? Honestly, I never do. I never have.

Maybe it’s that I don’t understand it. Perhaps it’s that I don’t believe it’s worth it.

Help me process.

So, let me see if I get this right.

We spend all year working our asses off doing what we love to do, and it all comes down to one weekend of the entire year?

Make this make sense. Honestly, I don’t believe you can.

Here’s how I started my Friday. The day after Thanksgiving.

With my feet resting on my ottoman, I turned to Netflix and began watching a movie that has been on my list for over a year. Today was the day I discerned to tune in. This movie is entitled Lionheart, which is in Nigeria. The film begins with the owner of the business having a heart attack. With the owner’s daughter and brother stepping in while he gets well, they learn the company is in financial trouble. They are in debt. No one would extend their loan or grant a new one.

The business owner’s daughter is the director of the company, a transportation company called Lionheart. She walks into the building and finds no one at their desks. As she proceeds to the conference room, she hears singing and sees her uncle and the entire staff singing praises to God, having prayer, and singing. As they close out a time of devotions, the owner’s brother says, “I’m going to change a lot of things in this establishment. Prayer will have to be one of them.” The uncle then looks at his niece and says, “It’s not all about money. God is the provider of money.”

Those words were like a breath of fresh air. Yes, it’s just a movie, but those words were confirming to my soul.

You see, as one who provides services and a host of a news and political show, and author of several books, and a consultant, where do I fit into the picture of the most powerful sales weekend of the year?
What’s my offer? Should I be racking my brain trying to find something to sell or discount? I would instead start my day singing and praising God with the confidence of knowing that it’s not all about the money. God is the provider of money. Either I believe Him or not.

A book, discounted? They are already discounted on Barnes and Noble and Amazon.
Discounting sponsorship ads on my news show? They are already priced fairly.
Decreasing publishing consulting for new authors? They are already generously priced.

Now what?

We are taught to place a value on our time, services, and products. We are taught to offer content that is billable and worthy of hire. We are instructed to make an investment, yet, on the weekend after Thanksgiving, we throw all of our learning out of the window for what?

Call me silly, but I’m afraid I have to disagree with charging clients a price of value all year and then suddenly drop the prices to possibly gain new clients. That’s unfair to the clients who paid the original price.

Let me use a product to explain my thoughts.

I purchase a dining room table from the showroom of a furniture company. Two or Three weeks later, I learn the set has been discounted. I will call up the store and ask for the difference and indeed receive a credit. Why is having a coaching client any different? I would rather set a price and charge people accordingly. To me, this is seeing my clients and customers as people I am grateful to and will honor them; thus, there’s no need to play a pricing game, right?

This is how I see it. If I am living my purpose and operating in my gifting with passion while listening to God to price accordingly, there’s no need for me to spend hours, if not weeks and months, preparing for this weekend.

Furthermore, who says that I have to fall in line and do what everyone else is doing? I don’t, and you do not have to either.

For me, I have decided to rest and trust God for all He has for me. I would rather start my day with prayer and not live in the shadow of what the world is calling me to do.

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday is the world’s way of doing business, yes?

Let me know where you stand. What say you? Do you agree or disagree? Don’t forget to share why?

Ready. Set. Go.

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